Welcome To The New Website: Freelancing & Creative Marketing Inspiration

Hi there, and welcome to my new website!

My name is Lacey J. Heels and I am a creative marketing strategist, creative entrepreneur and artist. Not too long ago, I had a busy career in marketing, and was working myself “up that corporate ladder” learning, growing and advancing rapidly. Amidst that, I was always working freelance and creating art on the side.

Slowly but surely, a big realization surfaced for me while I was going through another cycle of burn-out and unhappiness in my corporate job. I realized that what I truly wanted to do, was under my nose that entire time.

You see, the projects, work and hobbies I maintained on the side while building my career were the things I really wanted to be doing and it never felt like work when I did, even at the busiest of times. I support following your dreams and cultivating happiness, but with bills and responsibilities, I wondered, was it feasible for me? As I discovered, the answer was and still is YES, of course! Anything is possible, you just have to make it happen with planning and hard work.


Flash forward, and here I am, your trusty freelance marketer and proud business owner. 😉

I have plenty experience working with all types of businesses, but my sweet spot is working fast and nimble with other small-medium sized businesses. I started my career in the tech start-up environment, so it has been deeply ingrained in me to work efficiently, creatively and resourcefully, to solve problems and excel at business growth with creative marketing.

That side freelancing I mentioned earlier… well the companies I was choosing to work with at the time, always consisted of small businesses, entrepreneurs (aka: solopreneurs, as I like to affectionately call them), and not-for-profits. There was a reason I chose to work with them, so I investigated this further when transitioning to self-employment. As it turns out, there is a real need for digital marketing with these clients, because they need to build a brand, awareness, a community, kick-ass content, and need sales or fundraising dollars to build their business or cause. Digital marketing is a way to accomplish that, but these business owners are typically slammed with their workload and the marketing responsibility usually falls into the hands of many who are too busy with their main job!

The marketing that these hard-working organizations do matters a great deal, and in some cases can make or break a businesses success. I find it beyond meaningful to help a business at this stage. The entrepreneur in me eats it up, and is fuelled with energy from working with and helping these hard-working organizations. So the decision was simple to narrow down who I would work with while jumping into freelance marketing. Small-medium sized businesses, solopreneurs and not-for-profits.

I am very excited to use this new website as a platform to help businesses and people who are working hard everyday to build incredible things, yet might need that extra bit of information, or helping hand from someone like me, who knows what it is like.


To kick things off, I created a 5-chapter EBook tackling the marketing essentials for small business, solopreneurs and not-for-profits. It is delivered 1 chapter at a time so we can all digest it together and if anyone needs help or has questions, I will be there. There are also more freebies and valuable things around the site (with more to come) so take a look around and have fun with it!


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Thank you for stopping by and if you or anyone you know has a need for informative, honest and creative marketing strategies, please reach out or pass this site along to them. 😉

I can’t wait to build amazing things with you!


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