Every maker, creative, freelancer, solopreneur and business owner is realllly good at what they do and how they show up for their community and clients, but when it comes time to promote their gifts, products or services… that is when the icky, uncomfortable feelings come up. I have had hundreds of conversations with creatives about how self promotion is one of their greatest challenges – and I intimately understand that — because I felt that way too when I began my entrepreneurial journey.

The good news?

There is a much better way to approach self- promotion and selling for you and your brand or business that doesn’t feel gross. A way that is efficient, feels good, keeps you rooted in your integrity and providing real value in the world. Introducing…

“Self Promotion – Training for Creatives”

Can you imagine a world in which self promo and selling felt good? Well, I want that to become your reality – so after helping a number of my 1:1 clients, and running workshops on the topic, I felt it was time to create a training that is accessible to more of the community that I am here to serve, lift up and empower. THAT IS YOU!

This training is is part of the more comprehensive DIY course: “Brand, Sell and Make Bank Like a Boss” and now you can access the most requested topic and training at a fraction of the cost, in the comfort of your own home.

What’s Included with Your Training?

You will find 1 Training video, 1 Integration Homework Video and a Workbook download with access to worksheets that will allow you to apply the practices and strategies discussed in the lesson.



Ready to Jump In?