Resonate WR Guest Post: Creative Entrepreneurs Seeking Community

I recently chatted with representatives from the local arts initiate group, Resonate WR. As part of their ongoing campaign and with January being health awareness month, I discussed the benefits of having a creative community, using creative outlets for your mental health, and the positivity that comes with supporting artists and cultural organizations in the Region.

“For me, creating art began as a therapeutic outlet. I never dreamed I would end up selling it as a commercial artist. With that said, I have become very aware of how art and mental health go hand in hand. When I began selling art, I experienced a shift for a period of time where I became preoccupied with what other people might want from my work, instead of painting for me first. I felt the difference. I now create the things that I feel called to do and that make me feel amazing.

Original Abstract Painting: By Lacey J. Heels – 2017

Creating is good for your mind, body and soul. There will always be people who adore what you create, and people who don’t, and that is okay. I would encourage other creatives (whether you sell your work or not) to always remember why you do it. At the end of the day, taking care of myself is my most important priority when I create art.”

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