I will help you make sense of your goals and priorities to develop a digital marketing strategy and a straightforward, easy to understand implementation plan to action that strategy, every day.

Initial consultation

First, I will send you an intake form to cover the basics so that our first consultation will be the most valuable and effective. Thereafter, we will meet each other (in person, skype or over the phone), to discuss you and your business and to further identify your pain points, immediate needs and long term goals.

Wish list and vision-boarding

This is where I ask you to provide a wishlist and vision for what you want to accomplish with your brand/ business. This is where we will start laying down the footwork for your strategy at a high-level.

Strategy Development

I will put together a strategic plan for you based on our discussions, market research and my professional observations to get you on the right path toward improving your digital marketing strategy, action plan and a list of recommended tools, tips & resources you can use to action that strategy and see results.

On-going support and regular check-ins (optional)

This piece is optional, although highly recommended. This provides you with access to me, to ensure that you stay on track, to provide you with ongoing support, regular check-ins and progress reviews. This is the key to staying on track and staying accountable with and to your goals.


*If you have any additional questions or require a custom plan fit to your needs please reach out at the following!