Interview With Forbes: My Thoughts on Professional Coaching

I was recently interviewed by a Forbes writer on the topic of coaching and professional development. He interviewed 25-30 high potential millennial leaders including and during our chat I shared my thoughts on the value of hiring a coach, my experiences with it and gave him some marketing pointers on how to attract his ideal target audience for his coaching business. It was an honour to be interviewed and I look forward to continuing my working relationship with Vik.

Why Millennial Leaders Don’t Fully Embrace Professional Coaching

“As a coach who works with millennials, I recently interviewed over 20 high-potential millennial leaders via LinkedIn to figure out what kept them up at night and how coaching might help. I spoke to young CEOs, UN Youth Ambassadors and TED Fellows. There were activists and owners, authors and bloggers, bankers and technologists. Many incredible technologists.

This was a diverse group of our future leaders — people who often buck the stereotypes of Gen Y — and they have valuable insight for us all if we are prepared to listen.”

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