Here is the deal. I’ve worked with hundreds of solopreneurs, business owners and creative entrepreneurs through the years with my experiences running workshops, events, conversations with my podcast guests, community members and with my 1:1 clients.

So you can imagine, I have observed a few patterns…

  • They are brilliant and incredibly keen to make an impact
  • They are really good at what they specialize in
  • They understand the value of a powerful brand that can attract their target clients


  • Building or refreshing their brand feels daunting
  • The prospect of hiring an agency or consultant (like me) to create or refresh their brand might be too expensive or;
  • They are ready to give it the ole’ College try, but don’t know where to begin…


I decided it was time to create a free training to get you started. This is what I did when I first started and the process I share with you in this free training is how I walk every single client of mine through the strategy and creation of their brand whether it is for their organization, business, project or new product line. Whatever you are hoping to brand, I’ve got you covered, and everything I show you in the training you can access and build with free tools.

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