Content Strategy Package:

Phase 1
from $795

Turnaround is usually within 3-4 business days. It is composed of 2 x 1hr calls with you as I need to learn about your business to develop a personalized content strategy for your business that will be effective at generating you new leads.

Phase 2
from $1,295

Turnaround is usually within 2 weeks. This is dependent on a few factors such as frequency of content, number of touchpoints and how involved everyone on your internal team wants to be, in reviewing each piece of content. This process is what is needed to help you scale with effective content (regardless if you are using me or not — talk about working myself out of a job…)

Phase 3
from $495/post
Building Your Content Pipeline

This is an ongoing phase where I will help supplement your content to help you build a pipeline of content for the months to come. After all, you don’t want the feeling of having to write another piece to publish tomorrow. You want to have a pipeline of about 3 months worth of content.

Get Things Started With A Content Audit

My content audit will provide personalized suggestions on how you can improve your content strategy, and actually generate more leads for your business.

Secure My Content Audit

Why Does Content Writing Matter For Your Business?

  1. It crafts a clear message to your target audience about who you are, what you do and what values you have as a business.
    This is important to pay attention to, because buyers want to understand you and your why. That is the emotional hook and connection to have your potential clients choose you and not that other guy (especially online).
  2. Content helps to boost your brand’s SEO (your ranking and visibility on google)
    The more content you create with specific keywords, tags and key messaging and SEO best practises, the more your site is indexed by google and the more your rank and visibility increases.
  3. Content brings you leads (aka: potential clients! YES)
    Setting up some anchor content that informs and answers important questions about your business and service with your ideal clients in mind will help to bring them your way. Your online presence and content is a huge tool to take advantage of.
  4. Become known as a thought leader in your industry of expertise.
    Publishing content on your area of expertise, on your involvement in the industry and on education, to inform and teach your audience shows that you are the expert that they can trust and invest in.
  5. Looking professional and up to date on the web increases your credibility.
    When a potential client is researching you, your products & services and evaluating whether they want to reach out, that experience can make or break their buying decision.