Brand Experience is Changing- Make Sure Your Brand Is On The Right Track

Technology has fundamentally changed how people buy and invest their time and money today.

It has also allowed organizations to get creative in how they connect with their target audience to positively impact the buyer’s journey (the path your customer takes to make a buying decision). Being that 70% of the buyer’s journey is complete before a person even contacts your organization to invest, it is imperative to invest in your brand and the associated experience it delivers.

There are so many creative ways to sell or advertise and with a ton of other organizations to choose from, there is one thing you can prioritize to cut through all that noise. Be sure that your brand story (aka: character, why and values) align with the brand story of your target audience.

What do I mean by this?

Understand Who You Are and Who Your Customer Is

Understanding exactly who your target audience/consumer is, what is meaningful to them and what motivates them is the first step. When you take the time to really understand what is called their buyer persona, how that aligns with your brand, and communicate it, you will connect in a way that separates you from other organizations. People associate great meaning with a brand’s message and the experience they receive while interacting with it, so it’s important to make it a custom fit for your target audience. 

When you have a good idea of who you are targeting, it is vital to intentionally insert aligned keywords, concepts and sentiments into your digital brand that reveal your character, why and values. This becomes your brand story, which audiences will hold up to their personal brand story to see if it feels like a match worth investing in.

Personal connection is very compelling to a consumer so your brand needs to be able to achieve that on all platforms in our digital world.

It is not enough to have a great brand experience on your website, it needs to carry over onto mobile and social media platforms as well. 

With the mobile device explosion, the consumer today is always connected and many decisions about an organization are made instantaneously with a smart phone. Brands can invest into the mobile experience to ensure that their target audience gets a memorable and personalized brand experience every time.

Every digital transaction between a brand and it’s consumer is an opportunity to make a meaningful impression and connection, to build a lasting relationship which can lead to business time and time again.

Meaningful connection matters and it just so happens to provide value and get results!

So how do we communicate our brand story besides a logo, colours, and sharing our services?

A lot of businesses do a great job of sharing what products or services they provide and how they are delivered, however, the most successful businesses lead with their why.

Brand and culture expert, David Reeve of Unleash Culture teaches the importance of communicating an organization’s brand story through character and discovering their why. David is a trusted friend and mentor and I have followed his lead in how I brand myself, my businesses and how I help my clients figure out their brand story.

By capturing this information and weaving it into the character of your brand, you will connect with your target audience on an emotional level. That is where you build the most meaningful, trusting and loyal relationships.

For more on how to emotionally hook your audience with your brand story, check out David Reeve’s blog here, or you can purchase his book here which is a fantastic read on how to transform your company’s brand and culture!

Get your brand on the right track!

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