My Goal Is To Set You Up For Success

The number one reason I hear from client's why they haven't straightened up their digital marketing or content plan?  Lack of Time.
Now I don't doubt that you know how to tell your company story or that you know exactly how you want the world to perceive you... Chances are, you are too busy doing other things to run your business. The last thing on your mind is that blog you need to write or publish, or that it's been 3 months since anything has been updated on your website... You could just let it slide, but then you'll be missing ample opportunity for new business. Let's set you up for success, so you can focus on what you are good at, and have your digital presence organized, managed and strategically layed out-- to bring you more business leads.

Here is how we can work together...

Marketing Consulting

This involves an initial consult and in depth conversation to determine what your needs and business goals are. I then offer you a strategic approach and help guide your efforts in the right direction, so that you can achieve the results you want. I offer ongoing support at a frequency of your choosing.

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Content Creation

There's a reason they say content is king. Whatever your goals are, we create a custom content strategy for your business, update your static web content, build out your content calendar and a backlog of ongoing content to publish.
See Content Packages and A la Carte service options to get things started today, where ever you are at on your journey.

What Are My Options?

Coaching & Workshops

Once you have a strategy and process in place you can decide to bring the actual writing of blogs in-house or continue to work with me.

If you want to bring it in house, but need to train yourself or your staff on how to use the tools, execute the strategy effectively and check in to see how progress is going-- I can coach you or provide a training workshop to empower you and your team to keep succeeding with content.

I'm Interested, Let's Talk

adam frye

"Digital marketing requires proactive strategy and consistent execution to build a community and generate leads- period. Lacey is a pro and will definitely help you with that!

I have recommended her as a consultant to a number of people looking for the best." 

-Adam Frye - Director of Innovation, We Tech Alliance

"Heels is the real deal! I recruited her to bring a new service offering to our agency, Social Media Strategy and Management.

She led the charge and always worked hard to make sure our own brand & clients were getting exactly what they needed." 


-Karl Allen-Muncey - Digital Innovation Lab Director, City of Kitchener

Karl ALLEN 2